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Welcome to the neoPhysis distro wiki!

Getting started

Community projects

Current projects

Community News

  • 3 Jun 2010 — NDE sources and preview 0.3 released
  • 10 Apr 2010 — Relased python-dbushelper by Sylar
  • 6 Mar 2010 — Announced neoPhysis to the OM ml


Use the Babel template to tell others what languages you speak and to find other users.


  • e-mail - the devel mailing list is the central place for all discussions concerning neoPhysis: the main language is Italian, anyway, e-mails in English and French are welcome
  • IRC - #neophysis@irc.freenode.net


neoPhysis wiki organization and development

There are many ways to help improve neoPhysis wiki, apart from testing and developing code. Find out how:

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