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DL Land Meshes

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DL Land Meshes


Note: The pages in this section describe distant land generation in detail. If you don't want to worry about the details and just want to get it to work, have a look at the guide Creating Distant Land. Also, the page Distant Land problems can help you if something doesn't work.

In the third step of distant land creation, you create the meshes to be used for distant land.


World mesh detail

MGE creates a single simplified mesh that represents the landscape of the whole world. This setting selects the detail of this mesh. Increasing this means that the shape of the land preserves a higher detail even when viewed from far away, but that comes at the expense of lower performance.

MGE suggests and pre-selects a detail level based on your hardware and the plugins selected.

Technical details: When creating the simplified world mesh, MGE concentrates on the vertices that contribute most to the shape. It checks the maximum displacement of any one vertex, and it calculates the optimal tessellation to make sure no vertex is off from it's correct height by a specific amount (or more).

This specific amount is determined by the detail setting. The following values are used:

Very High: 25
High: 75
Medium: 125
Low: 175
Very Low: 225

For reference, the height of the camera off the ground in first person mode, for a race of default height, is roughly 150.


Skip Mesh Creation

Press this button if you want to skip mesh generation. This can be useful if (for example) you recently added a plugin that adds objects to Morrowind, but does not change the landscape. In that case you'd want to regenerate distant statics (so that the new objects can be displayed in the distance), but don't need to regenerate distant land.


Create Land Meshes

This button starts the mesh generation and leads over to the fourth step of distant land creation, Statics Creation.

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