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About the project

What Masterkey is:

  • Masterkey is an Open Source application.
  • It is cross-platform, currently Masterkey is available for Linux and Windows.
  • It is programmed in C++, and uses QT4 as the GUI designer.
  • Masterkey is currently in alpha state, not much works, but I'm slowly making Progress on it.
  • It is currently being re-written from the ground up, the version available for download is over 2 years old

What Masterkey is NOT:

  • It is not something used to decode masterkey systems, it cannot be used to breach security in buildings.
  • It is not a finished product, it is very experimental, dont expect this to be a commercial-quality program.

What Masterkey will be:

  • When "finished" masterkey will be a tool for designing and modifying masterkey systems used at schools, apartments, etc.

Project Page

Things that need to be done

  • Finish re-writing generate code
  • Statically link executables (to eliminate all the messy .dll files)
  • Re-implement Grading system
  • Save/Load CSV or Spreadsheets of some sort
  • Your suggestion here!
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