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KPorts is Qt-based frontend to the FreeBSD-Ports. Support for the OpenBSD-Ports and PkgSrc is planned for a future release.

It is designed to make managing your applications easier and more pleasent.



2009-12-13 0.8.2 released

A new version of KPorts has just been released. It fixes many bugs, has experimental support for updating your ports and is translated to Brazilian Portuguese. I haven't had much time, with no development going on over months, so progress is not as far as hoped for. However H2 is now aboard as maintainer/developer, so things might be progressing better in the future.

Have fun with 0.8.2, report bugs/issues and stay tuned for the next version!

2009-04-06 KPorts-Qt4 is now available in the Portstree

You can now directly checkout the new KPorts from ports-mgmt/kports-qt4. Thanks to makc and miwi for helping with the ports and the quick commit!

2009-04-01 0.8.1 released (this is not a joke!)

This is the second release of the Qt4-Version of KPorts, grab it from the Downloads-Page!
It comes with new artwork, fixes many bugs, provides a new and better search and has some non-visible changes that will ease introduction of package-handling; see the Changelog for more details.
By default KPorts will now pull in kdebase-runtime, because it wants kdesu and the oxygen-icon-theme. This doesn't mean that KDE is required, it just makes KPorts look better and automatically ask for root-cridentials upon starting. If you don't use KDE, be sure to "make config" and read the post-install-message.

2009-01-04 New Icon by Kamikaze!

KPorts now has a new stylish svg-icon! You can see it in the top-left corner of the wiki and get more information about it here.
It will be included in the next release.
Many thanks to Kamikaze!

2008-12-31 0.8.0 released

I am very pleased to announce the immediate availability of KPorts-0.8.0!
The new version is rewritten from scratch, it uses Qt4 (no dependency on KDE) and provides a clean, good-looking UI. It is still limited in features, but I hope to release regular upgrades from now on. The new homepage [1] provides more information and downloads. A port should soon be available at ports-mgmt/kports-qt4 [2].
Please read the FAQ [3] before using KPorts-0.8.0 or responding to this announcement.

[1] http://kports.sf.net
[2] http://freshports.org/ports-mgmt/kports-qt4
[3] http://apps.sourceforge.net/mediawiki/kports/index.php?title=FAQ

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