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General Questions

Q: Why did it take so long for 0.8.0 to be released?

A: 0.6.1 was released in summer 2006. As many of you might have noticed the program was rather unstable - especially on SMP-Machines. This is mainly due to a very broken threading model that I implemented. I tried to fix it, but the design was flawed, making a major rewrite inevitable.
Also I was very unhappy with KPorts being a front-end to portupgrade. I spent a lot (!) of time figuring out portupgrade's output, to be able to provide an accurate progress-screen during installs/upgrades/deinstalls. However it didn't work in some cases and was very hard to maintain (imagine portupgrade changing its output format a little). I decided to implement package-managing myself, from the ground up and to rewrite other parts (like threading) later.
Then Qt4 was released and KDE4 was somewhere on the horizon... It was impossible to move the old code-base to Qt4 , because of the threading model and package- managing was only half done so I decided to do a clean rewrite of everything from scratch.
This is an ongoing process, the current version of KPorts is very limited feature-wise, but I want to move to a "release early, release often"-model (the last year it was more like "reimplement things again and again, release nothing").

Q: So what can KPorts 0.8.0 do?

A: KPorts 0.8.0 cannot install or deinstall ports/packages!
I know thats the whole point of the application, but it just isn't done yet.
You can browse your portstree, search for packages and view all sorts of information about Ports and Packages. This should make some things easier and its nice to look at ;)

Q: If 0.8.0 can't actually do anything and the main things aren't coded, will it take another two years?

A: No. A lot of work has gone into the current codebase, so that low-level package-managing should not be too hard to implement.

Q: So when will KPorts be able to do all that package-magic?
Q: When will KPorts to do <your_feature_request>?

A: When it's done. University keeps me very busy, so I can't promise anything. I hope to have minor upgrades for KPorts every 4-10weeks, features will slowly be trickling in. Note that the main focus is building a stable program with good performance, not implementing all features in minimal time.

Q: What features are planned, what's so special about the not-yet-available package-managing?

A: See Features/Roadmap

Q: What about the KDE3-based version of KPorts?

A: It is discontinued. There will be no future releases, no bugs will be fixed.

Q: Can I help with anything?

A: Yes you can! I need help with a lot of things:

  • translations
  • artwork (application icon, bigger logo...)
  • a real homepage(!)
  • code is of course welcome, too!

You contact me by the means described here

Technical Questions / KNOWN ISSUES

Q: KPorts looks horrible, I don't have any icons!

A: KPorts does not require KDE anymore, but it certainly looks better with themes other than the default-qt4. Also KPorts expects the oxygen-icon-theme. If you don't have it installed already, you can fetch it manually and tell KPorts where to find it in the options. Matter of fact, KPorts can use any icon-theme if you tell it where to look!

Q: KPorts won't show "Available Binary" (available packages) for Ports. It says "Unkown error"

A: You probably are not running KPorts as root, as workaround you can
touch /usr/ports/FTPINDEX && chown BOB /usr/ports/FTPINDEX

Q: I can't stop the search, during a long search the infopage won't update :o

A: Yeah, thats normal. Well not really. Search will be put in an extra thread that is interpuptable soon.

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