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KDIS Users Guide

What Is KDIS

KDIS is an open source implementation in C++ of DIS (Distributed Interactive Simulation).
From version 2-7-0 KDIS is licensed under the FreeBSD licence, previous versions use the LGPL license.
As of version 2-0-0 KDIS fully supports version 5(IEEE 1278.1), version 6(IEEE 1278.1a) and version 7(IEEE 1278.1-2012) which is currently in beta.
KDIS is continuously supported and developed and current plans are to finish implementing the new version 7 changes as well as further documentation/tutorials. I am also looking to further expand in the future with better support for logging and generating simulation statistics.

Change Log

What changes have been made to the latest version of KDIS.

Migration Guide

Advice on migrating to the latest version of KDIS.

Setting Up Your Project

Using CMake To Create Your Project

How to use CMake to set up KDIS projects automatically for your chosen IDE.

Adding KDIS To A New/Existing Project Manually

How to manually set up a new project or include KDIS into an existing project.

Class Documentation/Diagrams

View The Latest

View the latest version class documentation here

Download Archive

Download the latest version class documentation and old in compiled HTML Help (.chm) format here


Getting started with KDIS. This section contains tutorials to go with the examples that come with KDIS. Read more here.


Support can be found via e-mail or the forum
Karljj1 At Yahoo.com
Find me on Linkedin

Useful DIS Links

Some useful links when learning about DIS and its uses.


You can download the latest and previous versions of KDIS from here.
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