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JWNL is an API for accessing WordNet in multiple formats, as well as relationship discovery and morphological processing. It's compatible with WordNet versions 2.0 to 3.0, and is a full Java implementation. The current and (mostly) stable release is JWNL 1.3. JWNL 1.4 is under development. JWNL is released under the BSD License, and is used by many commercial applications, including a plug-in to GATE (General Architecture for Text Engineering).


JWNL 1.4 is undergoing final testing and should be released in mid-March 2009. If there are any bugs, please report them on the Tracker. Feature requests are no longer accepted for 1.4. This release should be compatible with previous releases. See the JWNL 1.4 Changes change log for more details.

The next release of JWNL will be version 2.0, and will feature major API changes so that the library functions more like the command line interface shipped with WordNet while still providing the depth of the original API. Specifically, the goal is to make accessing pointers (synonyms, antonyms) easier, while refactoring some of the interfaces to provide a more seamless transition between the various data access objects (file, database, and in-memory map).



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