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OpenJUMP Support

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There are several ways to receive support for OpenJUMP usage and development.


Prefer the mailing lists over the forums, because the forums are currently (10/2010) sparsely visited.


Please add bugs or feature requests to the sf.net trackers. Kindly check if there are similar entries first and in case add your request to them instead.


OpenJUMP Support

Mailing Lists

JUMP User List

→ Visit: User mailing list

JUMP Developer List

→ Visit: Development mailing list



→ Visit: SF.net Bug Tracker

Feature Requests

→ Visit: SF.net Feature Tracker

Usability and Translation Improvement Requests

→ Visit: SF.net Usability Tracker


Installation questions

→ Visit: Forum topic: Installation

Function questions

→ Visit: Forum topic: Functionality

Plugin questions

→ Visit: Forum topic: Plugins

Professional Support

→ See Page: Organisations and persons providing professional support
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