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Welcome to the official Wiki of the jtlmage connector. For the latest news on jtlmage, follow us on Twitter or Facebook!


Project goal

The project targets at the creation of a connector, offering integration capabilities for the ERP system JTL-Wawi and Magento. As such, it is the project's goal to support the full range of both products' functionality.


This wiki is intended to be the primary source of documentation for everyone interested in jtlmage. For more details, please look at the pages below:


Currently only importing articles from jtl into magento and updating the webshop orders in jtl is implemented.


  • Use Mage::app() instead of SOAP, because it's slow and faulty implemented in Magento


  • For support requests, we recommend to contact the developers using the official project forums available here.
  • To manage all the bugs, we offer a bugtracking system. So if there are new bug or feature requests, please post them into mantis which can be found in the page menuitem "hosted Apps" or just click http://sourceforge.net/apps/mantisbt/jtlmage/view_all_bug_page.php


jtlmage development was initially driven by Onedrop Solutions GmbH & Co. KG, and Sysgrade GmbH - intelligent internet. The project's source code is available under the terms of the GPL. Contributions to the project are always welcome and highly appreciated.

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