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jGnucashLib is a java-library for working with the data-format used in the Gnucash -application.

Apart from reading and writing the file-format this library also offers many tools and helpers for automating often encountered tasks in accounting, data-import, data-export, taxes and custom financial reporting.


scripting accounting-tasks

jGnucashLib makes heavy usage of the JSR223-Java-Scripting framework. This allows the experienced user complete freedom in automating any task that he can code in any of a wide list of supported scripting-languages.

  • GnucashEditor - the GnucashEditor acts as a basic GUI that gets extended by the scripts and plugins



  • Plugin Writing Guide - how to extend the functionality of the basis jGnucashEditor
  • Category:Plugins plugins that I (and hopefully soon other people) have written to automate tasks.

using the Gnucash-Viewer

The distribution includes a pure-java viewer for the gnucash-format.

You can e.g. put in onto your backup-dvds or hand it over with your gnucash-file for a tax-audit.

If can simply be started with:

 java -jar gnucashlib_readonly.jar


 java -jar gnucashlib_readonly.jar gnucashfile

With the viewer you can see the account-tree and all transactions but not modify anything.

You can also run some statistics in the "tax-report" -tab.

programming with jGnucashLib


JGnucashLib is a clean-room -implementation of the Gnucash file-format. It does not use any of the gnucash-code and thus is not bound by it's license.

The version you see here is distributed unter the terms of the GPL3 or any newer version of the GPL.

All the code I have written myself including a large number of not publicly released plugins and scripts can also be licensed commercially with none of the GPL-obligations.

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