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JGnash 1.x Lives! (And Why)

From jgnash

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jGnash 2.0.0 was released in November, 2008. Since then, the bulk of the development effort on jGnash has gone into the "2.x series" of releases. (As of January 26, 2011, the most recent of these is jGnash 2.5.1.)

However, the jGnash 1.x series has not been abandoned: it is still being "maintained", which means that bugs are being fixed. It even gets the occasional enhancement -- sometimes "back-ported" from the 2.x series, sometimes not. *

You might wonder: why bother? Why do any work on the 1.x series at all?

The most important parts of the answer are: some users have computers which can't run jGnash 2 (that is, can't run any release in the 2.x series); and some additional users have reasons to choose to remain with the 1.x series.

The ones whose computers can't run jGnash 2: as far as we know, this consists only of those with older Macintosh computers: any Mac which doesn't have a "64-bit" Intel processor. If your Macintosh was made in 2006 or earlier, this may apply to you.

Other reasons that some might prefer to stay with 1.x:

  • jGnash 1.x is scriptable in BeanShell. 2.x dropped support for BeanShell, replacing it with JavaScript. So if you have written BeanShell scripts for jGnash, or you would like to, you need to stay with the 1.x releases.
  • Last reason (that we can think of), and probably least: if you are an established user of jGnash 1.x, you might just not want to deal with the transition to the 2.x series. The latter does use a different file format: a "db4o" database in 2.x, whereas in jGnash 1.x the data file is simply an XML file. Also, if your data file contains a lot of "reminders", also known as recurring transactions, then you should know that reminders have to be re-created by hand: the code for importing jGnash 1.x data files into 2.x does not deal with reminders.

The above are the "demand-side" reasons why jGnash 1.x is still being maintained. There is also a "supply-side" reason: yours truly, SourceForge user "edelsont", showed up at the right time, and volunteered to do it.

  • The last release before 2.0.0 was 1.11.7. The first "maintenance release" of 1.x, after the release of 2.0.0, was 1.12.0. The latest "stable" release in the 1.x series is jGnash 1.13.0, which was released on January 17, 2011.
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