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F.A.Q. (to be replaced)


Subject of JEDI Version Control System

Subject of JEDI VCS project is to create an open source VCS system, based on the existing FreeVCS. This will allow current FreeVCS users to migrate to JEDI VCS, while continuing to use the existing server portion. JVCS is a multitier database driven Version Control System. Although the original name for this project was freevcsclient, the successor to FreeVCS will now be called JEDI VCS, short for JEDI Version Control System. It can be used as a standalone application or installed as a service application.

Supported Platforms

All binaries are available for Win32.

More information about the supported platforms can be found on the Platforms page.

Supported DBMS backends

Most of the mainstream database systems are supported, stable release 2.44 has support for

  • Firebird
  • MySQL
  • MS-SQL
  • Oracle
  • DBISAM (deprecated will be removed in 2.5 Release)
  • FlashFiler (deprecated will be removed in 2.5 Release)

Client applications

Client applications are available as stable release 2.44

Standalone GUI client
Console clients (for batch operations)
Client for integration in most CodeGear/Borland IDE products

3rd party integration

There exists some integrations into 3rd party products.

More information about 3rd party integrations can be found on the 3rd party page.

Help to improve JVCS web pages

JVCS web pages are based on MediaWiki to allow everyone who like to add information which are missed in his POV. Also fixing wrong information or write better english are appreciated. Helping in the area of our web pages is easy. Just create a new account and login (right upper corner on this page). Editing pages is possible as soon as you're logged into JVCS wiki.

More information about MediaWiki system

Please see documentation on customizing the interface

and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.
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