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Project statutes

From jedit

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This document is only an example, not a valid regulation




Decisions are made by voting.

  • Entitled to voting are admins and a maintainer of the affected component.
  • Admins will be glad to hear opinions of developers and users during the discussion which always accompanies or precedes the voting.
  • When voting against a reason should be given.

Assumed approval

To simplify making decisions an admin may assume the approval of other voters and proceed with his decision, knowing he has one vote for it. If no other voter opposes in a reasonable time (say 3 days), the decision is considered accepted with one voice. If someone opposes the voting is held.

Delaying the decision

Other admins may ask to delay the decision, specifying amount of time they need.

Assumed approval withdrawal

If discussion arises, it means that assumed approval is withdrawn and an explicit approval is needed then.

Announcing decision

An admin must announce his decision on jedit-devel list. Other voters must be given a reasonable time to react on an action.

Withdrawing an action

If the proposer took an action assuming approval, but was eventually voted down, he should withdraw all the effects of the action.

Changing statutes

Changes to these statutes must be done with one voice.

Admin on vacation

When admin goes on vacation, he should let other admins know about it, so that important decisions were not made without him.

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