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Getting Started

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How to use Cloud BioLinux for performing bioinformatics computation on EC2.

1. Register with Amazon AWS. The cost for computes varies based on the type of the server with the cost per server ranging from 10 to 80 cents per hour.

2. Start any number of servers running Cloud BioLinux through the AWS Management Console.


3. Clicking the "Launch" button from within the console as shown above.

4. From within pop-up window that appears, follow a 3-step process.

4-A. Select the Cloud BioLinux image through the “Community AMI” tab and searching for "jcvicloudbiolinux" or ami-6953b200 (its unique ID on EC2)


4-B. Specify number and type of server (RAM and number of cores) you would like to start. Cloud Biolinux is a 64-bit operating system built for higher memory utilization, but can also run on the smaller 32-bit instances. Each core is equivalent to a 2-2.4 GHz 2007 Intel Xeon processor, and all costs are charged by Amazon, not us, for the utilization of Amazon Web Services, since we offer Cloud BioLinux as a free community resource.


4-C. If this is the first time using EC2, users must create a key pair used for log-in to the cloud servers. Once the number of servers and their type is selected and the Key Pair is created, press the launch button. The user returns to the Management Console shown below.


4-D. Login to Cloud BioLinux the same way a user would to a local server via the "Public DNS" server address as seen in the console above. In specifying the file with the downloaded Key Pair, users can access the instantiated server as "root" (administrative) users:

5. Users launch either graphical or command-line bioinformatics software :


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