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Welcome to JavaSeis.org !

JavaSeis on GitHub

JavaSeis forward development has been moved to GitHub. The main code repository is now restricted, send me an e-mail if you want to participate. Released code will be available from JavaSeisExamples.

JavaSeis on SourceForge

The JavaSeis project on SourceForge.net has been frozen. We have moved the JavaSeis.org home page to SourceForge MediaWiki. This will allow us to provide more dynamic content and support for users of JavaSeis software. The original JavaSeis web site can be found at:

2006 JavaSeis Web Page

JavaSeis and the Open Source Community

JavaSeis uses the Eclipse platform from Eclipse.org for development, maintenance, and distribution of JavaSeis code and applications. JavaSeis.org is proud to be a Friend of Eclipse !

http://www.eclipse.org Eclipse.org File:MediaWikiSidebarLogo.png

JavaSeis recently has added support for the Java MPI bindings from Open MPI !


The JavaSeis Blog

The JavaSeis Blog will continue to be located at:

Chuck's Talk

Check this page for the latest on JavaSeis activity.

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