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This Wiki is the official site for jClassicRPG LGPLv3 licensed classic role playing game project.

jClassicRPG:About - about the game shortly

IRC Channel: #jclassicrpg @ irc.freenode.net webchat


  • Download - information about download & running
  • User Guide - information about playing jClassiCRPG
  • Contribution - what does jClassiCRPG need? a still under construction page for contribution information. Visit forum for more info currently.
  • Reviews - different reviews are quoted here
  • Game Logics - Work In Progress page about game logics of jClassicRPG.


  • Minor Fix Release is out - 22 Nov 2009, A release to fix 20091104 version's screen resolution picker dialog slowness under Linux
  • Soundtrack released - 27 Jan 2009, Background music for climate zones made public on jamendo.com

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