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Jam: Nuclear Physics Data Acquisition


Jam is Java-based nuclear physics data acquisition software. It was originally developed in 1997 by staff and students at the Wright Nuclear Structure Laboratory at Yale University. It has been used for data acquisition by the Nuclear Astrophysics groups at WNSL and TUNL, as well as the Eöt-Wash Group at the University of Washington.

The Components of Jam

The Jam software available on SourceForge has three components:

  • (Download) Back End graphical user interface, implemented in Java using Swing, responsible for receiving event buffers, storing them to files, and sorting the events into histograms. Includes a set of unit tests.
  • (Download) Real-Time Front End code, written in C, running on the VxWorks operating system in the controller of a VME crate. This part is responsible for reading out data units such as ADC's, TDC's, and scaler units, storing that event data in a memory buffer, and when the buffer is full, shipping it to the back end. There is a also a simple UDP communication protocol between the front end and back end, whereby the back end sends control messages to the front end, and the front end responds with confirmations or data.
  • (Download) Test Front End software with GUI, written in Java, utilized for unit testing and ad hoc testing of the correctness of the back end's communications.


There are many ways to contribute. You can report a bug, edit this wiki, or contribute to the source code.

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