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Welcome to the JAFFA Project.


4/27/2009 Update

  • The Jaffa Project is still very active, and the version 5 code line has now matured. The primary areas still be worked on are in the JaffaRIA and JaffaSOA projects. JaffaRIA makes heavy use of the ExtJS framework, and provides some key enhancements to it. Jaffa SOA is very much based on providing Graph Oriented Services which are the perfect complement to a Web 2.0 UI.
  • Jaffa RIA now provides some examples under source/tests, the main ones are arround the ExtJS extensions like the MultiGroupingGrid, FinderCombo/LovCombo and new CRUD Maintenance patterns. We are also working on JAWR intergration for improved out-of-the-box performance.

11/28/2007 Update

11/7/2007 Update

  • We have decided to make the SF Wiki the main project page for the Jaffa project. We have been doing much active development in Jaffa, but have been very bad in updating the project web site which to date still talks about version 2.1 from mid 2004! We did install MediaWiki on our SF page and that has some newer content and can be found at http://jaffa.sf.net/wiki
  • We are now working out the new foundation pieces for what will be Jaffa 5.x, the key pieces we are addressing with this are
    • Web 2.0 infrastructure, as originally Jaffa was based on Apache Struts, which is one of the most popular Web 1.0 frameworks
    • Service Oriented Architecture, as this is the key for a Rich Internet Application, as well as the key to a flexible business tier
    • Next generation rules and meta data engine, this is an enhancement to the existing JaffaRule project based on JBoss AOP
  • The plan for this new SF supported Wiki is to use it as the main simple vehicle to document what happening, provide documentation and design information. We intend to put all the new stuff we are doing here, as well as try and port some of the older relevent content from the old web site and wiki.
  • The current release in CVS is 4.1 for the Jaffa Framework and 2.1 for the Jaffa Components
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