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Project Overview



ILC-PPP is a centralized collection of patches and contributed additions to linux PPPD and RP-PPPOE, to provide fixes, feature enhancements, and support information for access concentrators using these tools.

Project Features

ILC-PPP currently provides the following features/enhancements:

PPPoE intermediate agent support for RP-PPPOE (Insane Laughing Clown)
PPPD gigawords accounting support (Original Author Unknown)

Current Release

  • Updated PPPoE Intermediate agent support - now limits agent support to specified interfaces
  • Restructured release - new patches, documentation and readme files galore.

Project Roadmap

Future directions for the ILC-PPP project include the following:

Documentation - "How to run an access concentrator without looking like a clown"
Integrated cli management of ppp sessions
Integrated per ppp session QoS / packet filtering
Anti-DoS patches for PPPD and RP-PPPOE
pppoe fail over and session migration support
Peformaance and scalability patches for rp-pppoe
Server side client session defect remediation

Project release files


Project documentation

All documentation for building and using ILC-PPP is contained in the release tar file.

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