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Supported Rotators

From hamlib

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Currently supported:

  • Easycomm I and II protocols
  • Fodtrack, a parallel port interface designed by XQ2FOD, which handles up to 2 rotators. It has been reported to work correctly with ktrack (see the applications page).
  • SARtek
  • Rotor-EZ, RotorCard, DCU-1/DCU-1X
  • GS-232A, GS-232B, and GS-232 (not A or B)
  • PcRotor
  • HD 1780 Intellirotor
  • SPID
  • EA4TX's ARS RCI classic and SE, with or without Elevation unit
  • M2/Orion RC2800

If you would like to see your favorite rotator controller supported, please feel free to contact us through the Hamlib-developer mailing-list.

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