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Supported Radios

From hamlib

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Sad, but true. There's no standardized protocol to remotely control one's rig, be it a Ham radio transceiver, a SWL receiver, any kind of scanner and other mobiles. However, some manufacturer may have designed their own proprietary protocol, implemented in some of their product family. Therefore, each rig family will require a Hamlib backend to set the VFO frequency, change mode and passband width, get current signal strength, etc.

If you are developing a Hamlib backend for a remote controllable radio, we would be grateful if you could inform us of updates (via the Hamlib mailing-list) to the backend so we can keep this page up to date. If you have been in contact with a manufacturer asking for programming information and been turned down let us know and we will update the page. If you are a manufacturer and don't like the fact that you are listed as red, then you know what to do. You may be interested to know that this site is getting well over XX unique visitors per day. Not much yet, but still potential customers per year you could be losing out on.

The following is a key to the color coding in the tables.

  • green: The rig listed should function with few problems.
  • orange: Although a driver is in development, it is either not available yet or still in an alpha state and might not work for you.
  • red: This manufacturer refuses to release documentation, or documentation is only available from user manual. If you own such a rig and want to see supported the models listed, please provide the Hamlib team with the protocol documentation or consider joining the development team.
  • grey: No backend currently exists. It is unknown whether the manufacturer will provide the documentation needed to write a driver.

Below is a list of models from different manufacturers and the status of any support that is available with Hamlib that we have complied. This list is by no means complete or necessarily accurate. However any information that could be used to expand the scope and accuracy of this page will be greatly appreciated.

If you don't see your favorite radio in this list, please feel free to contact the Hamlib mailing-list and ask kindly for support.

The list of supported radios can also be represented in a busy table: rigmatrix.

Manufacturer Models  Status
File:Alinco.png DX77 Documentation available at Alinco website. Testers needed.
File:Aor.png AR8200, AR8000, AR5000, AR7030, etc. Testers needed. Documentation available at AORUK web site.
BC Radio Tuners Video4Linux tuners Control tuner embedded in CE broadcast tuners supported by Video4Linux. Testers needed. Other OS's patches welcome.
File:Drake.png R-8A, R-8B Testers needed. Seeking volunteers.
File:Elecraft.png K2, K3 Shared with Kenwood backend, choose model K2 or K3.
File:Flexradio.png‎ SDR-1000, DttSP Seeking volunteers. Experimental.
File:Icom.png IC706, IC-R8500, IC756PRO, Optoscan's, etc. (most ICOM rigs) This backend has support for the CI-V protocol. Icom appears to be unwilling to release the necessary documentation to enable a Hamlib backend to be written. However, documentation is available from the excellent Ekki's site, and at the end of the user manual. Also appreciated, support from SuSE in getting more documentation.
File:Icom.png PCR100, PCR1000 These "computer" rigs are controlled by a different protocol than the Icom's CI-V. Currently supported.
File:Icom.png IC-PCR1500, PCR2500 These "computer" rigs are controlled by a protocol similar to PCR1000 above, but through USB. Currently supported.
File:Jrc.png NRD-535, NRD-545 Only one rig currently supported. Seeking documentation and volunteers for other JST/NRD line rigs.
File:Kachina.png 505DSP Testers needed! Documentation available from Kachina's web site.
Kits Elektor 3/04, DDS-60, Si570 AVR-USB, etc. Various kits. Feel free to add more.
File:Kenwood.png TS-450, TS-570, TS-870S, TS-2000, TH-F6A, etc. Documentation comes from the Kenwood website. Some rigs well supported, but more testers needed.
File:Lowe.png‎ HF235 Alpha support. Seeking volunteers.
File:Racal.png RA37xx Alpha support. Seeking beta-testers.
File:Radioshack.png‎ RS20xx These are actually either Icom's or Uniden's rebranded. See corresponding backends.
File:Rft-logo.png‎ EKD500 Alpha support. Feedback welcome.
File:Rohde-schwarz.gif‎ ESM, EB200, EK Alpha support. Seeking beta-testers.
File:Satschneider.png DRT1/SAD1 DRM compatible RF tuner unit with great specs, ideal for SDR work.
Skanti trP8000 Alpha support. Feedback welcome.
File:Tapr.png DSP-10 No support currently. Seeking volunteers. Please join the SourceForge Linux DSP-10 group.
File:Tentec.png RX-320, Pegasus, Jupiter, Argonaut, Orion Testers needed. Documentation/sources available. Note: Omni-VI is using Icom backend.
File:Uniden.png BearCat 245, 895, etc. Seeking testers and volunteers. Any Trunk scanner specialist out there?
File:WJ-logo-icon.png HF, WJ8888 Alpha support. Seeking volunteers and manual.
File:Winradio.png‎ WR-1550, G303, etc. Very good support from LinRADiO team. Feedback welcome.
File:Yaesu.png FRG-100, FT-847, FT-817, FT-920, FT-1000MP, etc. Pretty good support.
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