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Signal path

From guitarix

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The signal path within guitarix is currently as follows:

Electric Guitar
Instrument in on soundcard (if your soundcard doesn't have instrument inputs, just use the mic or even the line inputs and do the pre-amplification within guitarix itself)
System capture port (JACK)
gx_head_amp:in_0 (JACK)
Mono rack and gx-2 amp head (guitarix)
gx_head_amp:out_0 (JACK)
gx_head_fx:in_0 (JACK)
Stereo rack (guitarix)
gx_head_fx:out_0 (JACK) gx_head_fx:out_1 (JACK)
Further processing or directly to system playback ports (JACK)

By default the effect racks and the effects (or plug-ins) within the racks are ordered vertically and the signal flow is from top to bottom. Keep this in mind when inserting your effects or plug-ins, especially when using plug-ins like the Tonestack and the Cabinet. If you'd really like to emulate an analogue rig you don't want any stereo effects after those. Mono effects can not be used in the stereo rack and vice versa. Stereo effects are marked with a symbol.

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