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Supybot Resources

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This page is to serve as a compilation of Supybot resources. Since the Supybot project is currently missing a website, and there's no telling when it will be reborn, we hope this page will serve as a temporary repository of helpful information for Supybot users.

Another good place to get help is on the #supybot channel on irc.freenode.net - stop by any time!



Third-party Plugins

There is a nice collection of plugins available in the stock supybot distribution, but there are many more sprinkled all over the web. Some links are listed below.

If a repository is not listed here, please let us know, or append it to the list yourself.

Author Plugins Description Where Comments
stepnem a bunch of old plugins at GitHub Many of them still in working condition.
jamessan Debian crawls the Debian packages at GitHub and personal repository
Infobot Infobot-like commands
Markov AI / chatterbot using the Markov algorithm
mtughan WunderWeather Weather plugin using the Weather Underground API at GitHub
fumanchu Personality AI / chatterbot personnal website
SupyTrac Interface to the Trac BTS
tjaustinbardo ChannelSummer plugin for Ubuntu channels personnal website
many authors More plugins, as well as a complete

selection of old supy plugins

at GitHub and at cofeecode Some might be deprecated
avassalotti Lart, Score, Trivia at Launchpad
qsheets095 Trivia at Launchpad
bboissin GeekQuotes at Bitbucket
jyio Supybot-pandorabots AI plugin using the Pandorabots API at Launchpad
aafshar supybot-external-control out-of-band supybot control at bitbucket
kenjie20 SupyTweet Twitter plugin at SourceForge
SteelSide updated Quakenet plugin tarball at dailyupload
bc DNS provides methods to make DNS queries about domain names. at GitHub
quantumlemur Listener at GitHub
Timebomb the famous IRC timebomb game
LinkRelay Advanced relay plugin
ProgVal improved LinkRelay at GitHub Some of them do not work with stock Supybot (you need Limnoria to run them)
AttackProtector Highly configurable flood punisher
Brainfuck Brainfuck interpreter
Debian Debian-related information gathering
Eureka Trivia plugin
GitHub GitHub-related information gathering
SupySandbox Allow anybody to run Python code safely
Trigger Run command triggered by join/part/kick/whatever
Twitter Multiple accounts Twitter plugin
WebStats HTTP server giving channel stats
WikiTrans Translations based on Wikipedia inter-language links
some others
nanotube Conditional Run a command only if the given condition is true in the Gribble Project Git Repository
MessageParser Run commands triggered by a regexp
BitcoinCentralMonitor Bitcoin market information gathering at Github
GPG GPG-based authentication
SpiderDave NameDecoder Cyborg, Monster, and Sexy names (Modified from old Cyborg plugin) at GitHub
Geo Geographical information from an ip address using GeoLite City.
Justintv Check if a Justintv or Livestream channel is live.
Slap Slap people with various random items
Superhero Random superhero description
TMDb Provides movie information from The open movie database
Undercut Psychological number game
Uno Card game
niko / ubottu project spiffed up Channel plugin, a Quizz plugin, Hailo at GitHub
Antibody__ SC2Streams This plugin gives the bot the ability to list live streams from TeamLiquid's XML source. at Github
Hoaas DuckDuckGo, ImgGet, LastFM, Spotify, and many others. at Github
buckket Supytube A plugin that announces information about YouTube links. at Github Improved version of the bnrubin one
veggiematts Duckhunt A duck hunt game at GitHub
spline WolframAlpha Access to the Wolframalpha API (advanced online calculator) at GitHub
UrbanDictionary plugin for UrbanDictionary (http://www.urbandictionary.com) at GitHub
Weather plugin for displaying weather and forecast data from Weather Underground (wunderground.com) API at GitHub
Stock plugin for displaying stock and financial information/quotes at GitHub
Tweety Twitter plugin for Twitter API v1.1 at GitHub

Third-party modifications

  1. The Gribble Project Git Repository contains a number of modifications and enhancements to the supybot code.
  2. Some core modifications: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-fr/ubuntu-bots/ubotufr
  3. Some core modifications, translation support, http server, and several other enhancements: https://github.com/ProgVal/Limnoria

If you know of good plugins or other resources not listed above, please let us know.

Web Interface

Sometimes there's just no substitute to having a web interface to some functions of the bot. The following is a list of available web interfaces we know about:

  • The gribblewebsite repository in gribble git. See it in action here. Main attraction is the factoids db display. (Note that it is compatible with the modified factoids in the gribble git, not with the stock factoids in the supybot repo).
  • Another factoids display page. See it in action here.
  • The Ubottu project (ubuntu irc bot) also has a web interface. Code is here and you can see it in action here. Note that ubottu uses a heavily modified factoids plugin as well, so their stuff won't work with stock factoids plugin.

Other tools

Plugin Coding

Resources, documentation, and examples on supybot internals. If you are just starting out and are looking for introductory material, first read the PLUGIN_TUTORIAL.rst document in the docs directory of the supybot source distribution. There are a number of other good docs in there as well, that you should strongly consider reading. :)


If you discover more useful resources, please send me a message.

If you think you can contribute useful information and help make this resource even better (especially if you've done some supybot-related development), see how to join.

If you do decide to join us, see this Supybot Resources Contributor Guide, which will give you some guidelines on the style we use for the documentation.

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