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Welcome to GpsMid Wiki

screenshot of the J2ME software GpsMid

GpsMid is free and open-source software under GPLv2 license that gives you offline mobile navigation on your mobile device. It is an easy to use, easy to configure and easy to customize software on an open and free basis with the cc-licenced OpenStreetMap data. Free in this context means "no restrictions" - GpsMid is the full version of the software.

GpsMid is a software sibling, which consists of the J2ME software for your mobile (GpsMid, the actual navigation software) and a Java software for desktop PC (Windows, Linux, Mac and more) (Osm2GpsMid, that creates GpsMid midlets with customized map data).

This is the Wiki for both of those programs.

The old out of date GpsMid entry page is archived.

Content of the Wiki

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Editing OpenStreetMap with GpsMid

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