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GnumakeUniproc Home Page

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Current GnumakeUniproc version: v0.95 (released 2009-12-26) Download link: Windows Linux(Linux install instruction)


What is GnumakeUniproc?

GnumakeUniproc is a build tool(or build framework) based on GNU make for building C/C++ programs. It has the following feature:

  • Strive to simplify user makefiles as simple as possible. We hope user makefiles contain only information specific to the project being built.
  • User makefiles can be easily tuned adaptive to multiple C/C++ compilers.
  • Project dependency is described in a very concise manner.
  • Support CVS/SVN auto-checkout for sub-project source code.
  • The build framework is extensible by writing compiler-config files and plugins, so that more compilers can be supported and more generic functionality can be added to project-build behavior without complicating user makefiles. Yes, you can do it by yourself(just like a adding a plugin) without bothering GnumakeUniproc's author.

Get to know more

The story how GnumakeUniproc comes into being

Quick Start Guide

More GnumakeUniproc examples you can try


Documentation Guide


Tips and Tricks running GnumakeUniproc

Troubleshootings using GnumakeUniproc

Known Issues and Limitations


GMU variable reference

CVS related gmuvars

Special GMU variables for building Windows programs

Special GMU variables for building Linux programs

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