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Geoportal Server v 1.2 - What's New

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Geoportal Server 1.2 adds the following features and improvements (see Release Notes for full details):

  • Base Map Options - in version 1.2, you may now use OGC WMS, OGC WMTS, as well as OpenStreetMap as your base map for the search page, the preview page, and the metadata editor. You can now also set the initial extent for search, preview, and data download maps. This comes in useful for example when you want to use one of the free base maps from ArcGIS Online for your area. See Search Map for how to configure these options.
  • Preview Link Filter - For some resources (like .PDF files), the Open link and the Preview link essentially show the same result. In version 1.2 you can now configure a filter that hides the preview link for certain file types.
  • Using Search Results - Geoportal Server now has an extensible construction that enables you to write a class that returns search results in your preferred format. We added CSV format output using this construction as an example.
  • Collections - Experimental in version 1.2, we now support the notion of collections. Collections are subsets of the catalog. You can configure these collections and then assign content to these collections from the Administration Page. This is particularly useful if your site harvests from multiple catalogs and you want to provide a single view of all content in the catalog related to one theme. See Collections for configuration details.
  • Database - We have added support for MySQL and verified Geoportal Server to work properly with PostgreSQL 9.1.
  • Search Index - To support implementations that require load-balanced configurations, we have enhanced the search indexing such that you can configure multiple geoportals connected to a single index, as well as having a separate indexing server. Part of this also resulted in performance enhancements for searching using a single lucene searcher across threads.
  • Metadata - We have added two new profiles: UK Gemini and ISO 19115-2. With this version we also enabled schematron validation - see Customize Metadata Validation. The details page may now be styled using xslt. For those who want to import metadata into the catalog and then use the online editor, you can now allow editing for all publication methods.
  • Harvesting - We have made some performance enhancements to WAF and now also support harvesting THREDDS catalogs.
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