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Native port. FUSE versions 2.X up to 2.5.X support kernels 2.4.21 or later (although FUSE 2.6.x userspace tools can be used in combination with a FUSE 2.5.x kernel module).


Native port. New FUSE versions (2.6.X) support all 2.6 kernels.

Linux 2.6.14 and up have FUSE support included in the official kernel.


Name: FUSE for FreeBSD

Author: Csaba Henk / csaba.henk at creo hu

Homepage: http://fuse4bsd.creo.hu

See also: CategoryFreeBSD



NetBSD has its native filesystem in userspace, PUFFS, which has been developed before FUSE became the industry standard. PUFFS and FUSE solve the same problem and have the same architecture, but their API are different. With PUFFS, kernel and userland talk through the /dev/puffs pseudodevice, and filesystem in userland ase API from libpuffs.

NetBSD 5.x

In NetBSD 5.x, librefuse implements the FUSE high level API on the top of libpuffs. There is no support for filesystems using the FUSE low level and kernel APIs.

NetBSD 6.0 and beyond

Stating with NetBSD 6.0, PERFUSE implements a PUFFS to FUSE kernel API bridge. The perfused daemon takes care of translating PUFFS requests into FUSE reply, and the countrary for the replies. Filesystems willing to use the FUSE kernel API must link with libperfuse.

libfuse from the FUSE project has been modified to use libperfuse, therefore any filesystem using libfuse's low level or high level API will work without any modification.

Mac OS X (Darwin)

Name: Fuse4X

Homepage: http://fuse4x.org/

Fuse4X is a reference Fuse API implementation for MacOSX 10.5+. The project includes kernel extension, ObjectiveC framework and patches for libfuse. It aims to be fully compatible with the upstream Fuse. Fuse4X is a successor of MacFUSE project and based on its source code.

Name: osxfuse

Homepage: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/osxfuse-group

Another fork of MacFUSE project. It aims be binary backward compatible with MacFUSE, but it has compatibility issues with upstream FUSE.


Is it really true that there are no FUSE port for Windows? If anyone knows of one add it to this list, please.

Not using CIFS/SMB



Name: FUSE for OpenSolaris

Homepage: http://www.opensolaris.org/os/project/fuse/


Name: FUSE for GNU/Hurd

Author: Stefan Siegl

Homepage: http://www.nongnu.org/hurdextras/#libfuse

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