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File systems that save on space.



Author: Dmitry Morozhnikov [[1]]

Download: http://ubiz.ru/dm/fusecram-20051104.tar.bz2


FUSE module to mount cramfs images for purposes of http://klik.atekon.de/ project. For details see this article: [2].


Status: beta

Author: Dmitry Morozhnikov [[3]]

Homepage: FuseIso

Download: http://ubiz.ru/dm/fuseiso-20070708.tar.bz2


FUSE module to mount ISO9660 images for purposes of http://klik.atekon.de/ project.


Author: Johan Parent (johan at info dot vub dot ac dot be )

Old homepage: http://parallel.vub.ac.be/~johan/compFUSEd

New Homepage: http://www.biggerbytes.be/


An overlay filesystem providing transparant compression with both read and write support. This filesystem sits on top of an existing fs. Fully configurable, different compression algorithms available (lzo, zlib, bzip2). Still young but usable!


Authors: Milan Svoboda (milan dot svoboda at centrum dot cz), Ulrich Hecht (uli at suse dot de)

Homepage: http://www.miio.net/fusecompress (1.99.x branch)

Homepage: http://fusecompress.googlecode.com/ (0.9.x branch)


FuseCompress provides a mountable Linux filesystem which transparently compresses its content using a compression method of your choice.

LZOlayer_fs - Transparent compression filesystem

Author: kazikcz@gmail.com

Homepage: http://north.one.pl/~kazik/pub/LZOlayer


LZOlayer_fs is a filesystem which allows you to use compressed files, just as they would be normal files. Read and write operations are possible. Very young, but seems to be stable and pretty usable. Consumes low memory. Supports LZO and ZLIB compression algorithms.

Apretujado Filesystem

Author: Jose O. Suarez (guebby at gmail dot com)

Homepage: http://apfs.jrmora.com/ [broken]

Download: http://apfs.jrmora.com/apfs-1.0.tar.gz

A read-write-access filesystem with transparent compression. It works on real block devices. The filesystem format is simple, but compression and speed are enough. The homepage is now in english and spanish.


Author: Joel Yliluoma

Homepage: http://bisqwit.iki.fi/source/cromfs.html


Cromfs is a compressed read-only filesystem, similar to Cramfs and Squashfs. It uses the lzma compression algorithm.
It splits each file into fixed-size blocks and compresses the blocks together in larger clusters, so that blocks from different files are compressed together for smaller size. Directories, inodes and block lists are also compressed. In some cases, it beats Squashfs by a factor of four in terms of compression power. On the flip side, it is noticeably slower than its peers, and requires more RAM.


Author: Vitaly "_Vi" Shukela <public underscore vi at tut dot by>

Homepage: http://github.com/vi/fusecloop/

Download: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=204637&package_id=244263


fusecloop is FUSE mounter for compressed loop images. These images can be found on Knoppix and Knoppix-like images.


Author: Dave Vasilevsky / dave at vasilevsky ca

Homepage: https://github.com/vasi/squashfuse


Mounts squashfs filesystems, which are commonly used on Linux live-CDs and embedded devices. The Linux kernel includes support for squashfs, but a FUSE implementation is useful for other operating systems, or when root privileges are not available.


Author: Dave Vasilevsky / dave at vasilevsky ca

Homepage: https://github.com/vasi/fuse-uzip


Implements FreeBSD's geom_uzip compressed block devices.


Author: Dave Vasilevsky / dave at vasilevsky ca

Homepage: https://github.com/vasi/lzopfs


Allows random access reading of gzip, bzip2, lzop or xz files. Depending on the file type, an indexing pass may be needed the first time it is accessed.


Homepage: https://github.com/bup/bup


Bup stores your files (including big blobs) in a modified Git packfile and allows to view the content using bup fuse (read-only).
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