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Welcome to FsCalc web.

Please visit also my Source Forge blog (http://sourceforge.net/userapps/wordpress/mm007emko/) where you can see actual progress and more detailed "background" info about this project and a SF project page (http://sourceforge.net/projects/fscalc/) .

FsCalc should be a small and fast utility for aviation calculations, such as:

  • Descent starting point, altitude, rate and distance (same for climb)
  • Metric and imperial units conversion
  • Indicated air speed, true airspeed and ground speed conversion
  • Estimated flight time and fuel consumption

This program should be multiplatform, written in Python 2.6 with wxPython based GUI. Primary user group should be the flight simulation fans (i.e. MS Flight Sim / Flight Gear / X-Plane users).


Version 0.1

Estimated release date: end of January 2011 middle of February 2011 (due to some unexpected university "work")

Computing descent-related values:

  • descent rate based on height change and descent time
  • altitude diff. based on descent time, true air speed, and ground distance
  • true airspeed based on altitude, ground distance and descent time
  • descent time based on altitude, ground distance and true airspeed
  • ground distance based on descent time, true airspeed and altitude

and of course unit converting.

This version also should have its graphic user interface done, so it will be "full-featured" clickable and usable application (and I hope it will be also useful not even for me :) ).

Project Logo

not yet any :)


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