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Welcome To The FPDB Wiki

Fpdb is a free/open source tracker/HUD for use with on-line poker.

What does that mean? FPDB is written to help you collect statistics on yourself and opponents and provide useful ways to review those stats both live (ie while playing) or in post analysis.

Please peruse the features below and see if the project is for you.

Quick Pages

Tracking and Review

  • Filters: Most of the review pages support multiple filters such as player, game type, limits and date range
  • Graphs: Profit, Showdown/non-Showdown, EV graphs + Export to file
  • Session Viewer - Candlestick representation of your cash game sessions.
  • Hand Viewer (in post 0.26 snapshots)
  • Hand Replayer (Limited to Hodlem, in post 0.26 snapshots)

HUD/Live Stats

  • Provides a variety of popular statistics
  • Supports 2-10 handed tables with layout for each
  • Different stats can be used for different games
  • Configurable fonts, font sizes, colors, and value based colouring.
  • Mucked card display available for Flop and Draw games.
  • A separate mucked card display is available for Stud games
  • Favorite/centered seating supported
  • Detailed popup available
  • Supports all games/sites non-xml format hand histories for sites listed in Hand History Bounties
    • Merge, iPoker and Everest all use xml, and only list some details at the start of the hh file. We are working to get this fixed (Dec 2011)
    • Mixed game HUD doesn't transition between games 'well'.

Supported Sites

The best list of Site support is Hand History Bounties

Please note that this page indicates if we have sample hands for site+game. Generally if we have an example file for the Site + Game then it is supported.

  1. This doesn't mean other games for that site aren't supported
  2. There are a couple of exceptions where we can't support the site despite having sample hands (usually because the hh format is terminally broken ie. PKR, and possibly Pacific)

Supported Games

Pretty much everything we've found so far :)

Cash games, SnGs and MTTs for all limits: Fixed, Pot and No Limit. Even Half Pot Limit

  • Flop games: Holdem, Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi/Lo, Courchevel Hi, Courchevel Hi/Lo, Double Hold'em, Irish
  • Stud games: 7 Card Stud, 7 Card Stud Hi/Lo, 5 Card Stud and Razz
  • Draw games: 2-7 and A-5 Triple Draw, 2-7 and A-5 Single Draw, 5 Card Draw, Badugi
  • Mixed: Most mixes are supported, but we may lack example files for some variants.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Linux: All distributions tried so far (a KDE WM may need some tweaking)
  • Windows - XP, Vista, 7. 32 and 64bit

OSX - has worked for motivated people, but it isn't for the faint of heart.

Supported Databases

  • SQLite: Default, zero config or admin required. Recommended for new users and users with less than 100-150k hands
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

Supported Languages and Translations

FPDB has been translated into:


Version 0.22 0.24 0.26 0.30
Chinese - Simplified (zh_CN) n/a 2% 0% 0%
English (en_GB) 100% 100% 100% 100%
French (fr_FR) 88% 100% 81% 68%
German (de_DE) 33% 38% 77% 88%
Hungarian (hu_HU) 98% 100% 100% 87%
Italian (it_IT) n/a 100% 70% 100%
Spanish (es_ES) 13% 54% 34% 88%
Lithuanian (lt_LT) n/a n/a 21% 26%
Polish (pl_PL) 27% 27% 48% 79%
Portuguese - Brazil (pt_BR) n/a 43% 25% 44%
Romanian (ro_RO) n/a n/a 87% 71%
Russian (ru_RU) 9% 37% 38% 31%

Completion given is by word count, so differs from the string count that is given on Transifex. Go to [1] to get the latest string count.

For more info go to Translation

Additional Links

Un-install / Reset configuration

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