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Welcome to the ForgeRealm Wiki

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki.


ForgeRealm is a fork of the inactive RealmForge Game Development Kit. The RealmForge GDK was once featured on the front page of Software Developer's Journal as the first promising .NET game development solution but was never completed. The developers decided to switch to the Microsoft XNA architecture to develop their Visual3D.NET product.

ForgeRealm is a multi-platform framework and toolset for the development of 3D games and simulations using C#. Our goal is to complete the RealmForge framework and extend it to include more functionality. ForgeRealm is currently built upon the Axiom 3D rendering engine. Axiom is a C# port of the popular C++ OGRE Engine. We are planning to extend the framework to support other engines also. Plans are also in development for enhancing the toolset.

Project Goals

1) Cross-platform and compatible with the Mono project

2) Well documented and easy to use

3) Modular and extensible with a plugin architecture

4) Underlying framework API that is client and server independent

5) IDE independent


Sourceforge project site

ForgeRealm Documentation

Games Developed Using ForgeRealm

Devmaster.net entry on old RealmForge project

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