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MDR driver

From epsilonlabs

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The MDR component (http://mdr.netbeans.org) provides support for accessing MOF 1.4, XMI 1.x models. The MDR driver (org.eclipse.epsilon.emc.mdr.* plugins in SVN) is a driver for accessing MDR models from within Epsilon. As the license of MDR is conflicting with EPL we could not host it directly under Eclipse.org, and therefore it is hosted under EpsilonLabs. The driver is quite mature as it has been developed since 2006 (it was actually the first driver and preceded the EMF driver).

Installing the MDR driver

The driver can be installed either by checking out the sources from the SVN or by using the following update-site:


Using the MDR driver

In this example, we demonstrate how an MDR-based model can be managed in Epsilon using the MDR driver. For our example we'll use a typical UML 1.4 model (in XMI 1.x) as the ones produced by ArgoUML. To load the UML model, we also need to have the UML 1.4 metamodel which is available here.

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