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EmbeddedXEN results from several Years of Research in the field of embedded virtualization for ARM-based CPUs.

It is a virtualization framework based on the XEN philosophy on some parts, devoted to ARM cores with an entirely revisited architecture tailored to embedded systems where resources are limited. In particular, EmbeddedXEN deals with the heterogeneity of ARM-based devices, meaning that cross-compiled OS and applications intended to run on a particular ARM platform can be ported on a different platform with more recent ARM CPUs without requiring any modification if user applications.

EmbeddedXEN consists of an excellent framework supporting a native OS and a third-party OS cross-compiled from a different ARM CPU, providing virtualized hardware interfaces to third-party OSes.

EmbeddedXEN has been initiated and is under current development at the Reconfigurable Embedded Digital Systems (REDS) Institute of HEIG-VD, Switzerland.

Build & Launch

This Wiki is still under construction; we will upload some materials in a couple of days/weeks.

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