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Using VOB and MPEG files without reencoding

MPEG files will automatically be passed through if they are DVD compliant:

 Video 720x576 (PAL) or 720x480 (NTSC)
 Audio MP2 or AC3, 48000Hz

and the same format is chosen in DVD settings dialog. You can check the audio/video encoding option in the title properties dialog: it must be set to Copy to skip reencoding (since DVDStyler 1.7.0).

VOB files will normally neither be reencoded nor be remultiplexed -- see the option "Do not remultiplex/transcode" in the title properties dialog (since DVDStyler 1.7.0).

But Note: DVDStyler does not support split VOB files yet. If the VOB size is greater than 1 GB, it will automatically be split into multiple VOB files before burning the DVD. If you have such files (e.g. vts_01_1.vob ... vts_01_4.vob), you need to join them together to the one single VOB file using the command line:

 copy /B vts_01_1.vob + vts_01_2.vob + vts_01_3.vob + vts_01_4.vob vts_01.vob

or using some other tools such as VOBMerge.

Using FFMPEG and MENCODER to generate DVDStyler compatible files

FFmpeg [1] is a great opensource and multiplatforms tool to convert almost any video files to MPEG2 file. Here are a set of command lines you can use to generate VOB or MPEG files that can be used directly with DVDStyler wihout reencoding.

  • To easily convert INPUT.AVI to a standard DVD PAL format :
 ffmpeg -y -i INPUT.AVI -target pal-dvd -aspect 16:9 OUTPUT.MPG

Of course, you can change the "-target" parameter to "ntsc-dvd" if needed. Also, the "-aspect 4:3" parameter can be used to create a 4/3 aspect ratio video file.

  • FFmpeg have a lot of parameters to tune to configure the outputfile. For example :
 ffmpeg -y -i INPUT.AVI -target pal-dvd -ac 2 -sample_fmt flt -ab 192k -aspect 16:9 -b:v 5000k OUTPUT.VOB

will generate a VOB file with 2 audio channel at 192kb audio bitrate. The video bitrate will be 5000kbps.

  • If you need to merge several MPEG into a single MPEG file without DVDStyler rencode it, you can use the opensource and multiplatforms MENCODER [2] tool to merge and fix many MPEG files :
 mencoder -audio-preload 0.0 -oac copy -ovc copy -of mpeg -idx -mc 0 -mpegopts format=dvd:tsaf INPUT1.MPG INPUT2.MPG -o OUTPUT.MPG

Please Note: All input MPG files must have the same carateristics (width/height/bitrate/framerate/...) or mencoder will probably fails to create a valid MPEG file.

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