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Add your question to the end of this page and I'll endeavour to answer them for the benefit of everyone.


Q. Why do I need to use setupdvbstreamer before I can use DVBStreamer? Why don't you just use channels.conf?

A. DVBStreamer doesn't use the channels.conf file in the traditional way. Instead it is simply used to initialise the list of services/channels and multiplexes, DVBStreamer then monitors the streams for changes and updates it own database which includes more information than is stored in the channels.conf file. For example DVBStreamer will store all the PIDs referenced in the service's/channel's PMT.

Q. I've upgrade from 0.7 to 0.8 and all my channels have disappeared?

A. I forgot to add a comment in the README and on the news items that due to some major changes in the database pre-0.8 databases are not compatible with 0.8. In order to solve this simply run setupdvbstreamer again with your original channels.conf file (don't worry if it doesn't have all the channels in DVBStreamer will pick them up the first time it runs.)

Q. Why do I get the message "No LNB information provide for DVB-S channels.conf file!" when I try to setup dvbstreamer with a DVB-S channels.conf file?

A. You need to supply the same LNB information to dvbstreamer that you supplied to scan when you created the file. For example:

setupdvbstreamer -l UNIVERSAL  -s channels.conf

Would tell DVBStreamer that you have a Universal LNB. To see the available LNB types simply specify -l help

setupdvbstreamer -l help

Q. How do I update the EPG data on all my multiplexes so I can use 'dumpxmltv' to get a up-to-date xmltv file?

A. Jonathan Isom sent me this useful little bash script to cycle through the channels.


DVBCTRL="/usr/local/bin/dvbctrl  -u dvbstreamer -p control"

# wait for recording/streaming to stop

$DVBCTRL lssfs |grep -q null
	sleep 30

# Cycle through transponders

$DVBCTRL lsservices|sort |uniq -w 2 | while read  service; do
	$DVBCTRL select "$service"
	sleep $DELAY

# Dump listings to file


exit 0
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