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djatoka IIPImage Viewer

The aDORe djatoka Viewer is an Ajax-based client reference implementation, based on IIPImage IIPMooViewer, which allows panning, zooming, and selecting the URI of the current view. While the aDORe djatoka Image Server is licensed under GNU "Lesser" General Public License (LGPL), the aDORe djatoka Viewer and IIPMooViewer are distributed under a GNU General Public License (GPL). The viewer is largely derived from the work of the SourceForge.net IIPImage project (IIPMooViewer Ajax Javascript Client v1.1). Very few changes to iipmooviewer-1.1.js were necessary to achieve the functionality seen in the demo.



Since the aDORe djatoka viewer is distributed under GNU General Public License (GPL), it is distributed as a separate package. The current release of the viewer is available in the Download section.


  • Ensure adore-djatoka is installed and functioning properly, see adore-djatoka installation notes to verify installation.
  • Place aDORe djatoka Viewer files in the adore-djatoka Tomcat webapp dir (see note below).
  • Update viewer.html
  • Go to index.html
  • Enter an identifier or image URL into the input box and click 'View Image'
  • Create thumbnail references and copy the 'Image Here' example to create a page of reference images that open to the viewer page.

Installation Note

The viewer or any other client implementation can live independently for the server webapp. The provided instructions and viewers are reference implementations intended to show working interaction between the client and server. The are no inherent djatoka restrictions on where you can place the client. The only restrictions are those of the security model restrictions for the client implementation; i.e., cross-domain scripting limitations.

With the Javascript viewers (e.g. IIPImage & OpenLayers viewers) you can place the client code anywhere in the same domain. So if the servlet is running at http://example.net/adore-djatoka you can have the client code anywhere under http://example.net. Also know that sub-domains (e.g. sub.example.net) will not work as they too are considered cross-domain.

See Demos on Main_Page#Demo

djatoka OpenLayers Viewer

The aDORe djatoka OpenLayers Viewer is a Javascript extension to OpenLayers to use the djatoka Image Server. It provides functionality similar to the IIPimage Viewer using the OpenLayers framework. It is distributed under a BSD-style License and was contributed and managed by Hugh Cayless (NYU) and Cliff Dyer (UNC Chapel Hill).




See Demos on Main_Page#Demo

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