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Welcome to the Djatoka Jpeg 2000 Image Server project wiki. This wiki intends to centralize all the knowledge about djatoka, and the clients and server extensions being developed.


About the Djatoka Jpeg 2000 Image Server

djatoka is a Java-based open source image server with an attractive basic feature set and extensibility under control of the community of implementers. Off-the-shelf, djatoka provides compression and region extraction of JPEG 2000 images, URI-addressability of regions, and support for a rich set of input/output image formats (e.g., BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, PNM, TIF, JPEG 2000). djatoka also comes with a plug-in framework that allows transformations to be applied to regions and resolutions (e.g., watermarking).

What's New

  • Version 1.1 is now available - 2009/05/11
    • New Features
      • Added Scaling Support
      • Added JPX compositing layer extraction support (i.e. access to JPX frames)
          • New OpenURL Service Format Parameter: "svc.clayer"
          • Perform all djatoka functions on individual compositing layers
          • JPX compositing layer compression is not currently supported.
      • Added JP2 XML Box Support
      • Dynamic Database IReferentResolver Implementation using JBDC/DBCP; DatabaseResolver
      • Remote Referent (e.g., http & ftp) Access Controls
    • Enhancements
      • Solaris-x86 Kakadu Binaries
      • Enhanced Windows Batch Files
      • Extended TIFF Input Support (e.g., CCITT/LZW/PB)
      • New info:lanl-repo/svc/ping Service to see if resource is available and ready
      • Multi-file Input Compression Support
      • Improved Logging Support
      • Improved InputStream Support
      • Improved Tile Caching Logic
      • Now accepts a wider range of possible JPEG 2000 file extensions
      • DjatokaImageMigrator now checks to see if bitstream is JP2 compatible if an file extension is not found.
      • Improved KduExtractExe & KduCompressExe handling of InputStreams
      • Improved Region Out of bounds handling



TROPICOS® - Image from the Missouri Botanical Garden's TROPICOS collection
Source: Missouri Botanical Garden

Ansel Adams’s Photographs of Japanese-American Internment at Manzanar Source: Library of Congress

Gregorian choir book Antiphonary Tsgrooten Source: University of Ghent




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