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How to translate DivFix++ to my language

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You needed to download PoEdit program and install to your operating system.

You can also edit translations by your favorite text editor. But I strongly recommend using PoEdit.

Step One : Creating New Catalog

For translate DivFix++ you needed to translation file. You can grab last translation file from SVN Trunk. You can also download from here

Open PoEdit program and follow menus as : "File -> New Catalog from POT File..."

After pressing OK at project settings window (at right picture) a dialog will request you new translation files name and location.

Save it to known location with good name like DivFix++-mylanguage.po for denying mistakes.

File:PO_File_NewCatalog_from_POT.png File:PO_Details.png

Step Two : Translating

After save of file, you can start to translate DivFix++ strings to your language by one by.

You needed to pay attention to syntax. For example '\n' indicates line end. Or '%d' indicates an integer number will come there at run time. And %s denotes a string will come there.

Starred entries denotes lines that modified by user.

File:PO_Empty.png File:PO_Partial.png

Step Three : Try and Send to me!

After translating file. Save your file. You will note that ".mo" file created near of your ".po" file. Take this file and rename to "DivFix++.mo".

Put the DivFix++.mo file under corresponding folder (thats usualy your country/language code). Thats "tr" for Turkish or "fa" for Farsi language.

For Windows and Linux (from official tar.bz build ), it's: "<DivFix++ Path>/locale/<corresponding code>/DivFix++.mo"

For Example: /home/C++/development/DivFix++/locale/tr/DivFix++ for me on linux.

alt text
You will see your translated language at DivFix++ Preferences language ComboBox at next run of DivFix++ If you make all things properly.

After check, you can send your ".po" file by mail to me. "spamjunkeater at gmail dOt com"

It's good to leave information about name which will put into credits section of program.

Thanks for translation from now.

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