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SDK Compilation and Installation

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Requirements or suggestions

  • Ridgerun's SDK is currently available only for 32 bits architectures (extension for 64 bits architecture is in process).
  • This tutorial is meant for Ubuntu 9.04 or above users. Otherwise problems not contemplated in this document make occur.
  • If user has no writing privileges in /opt directory, refer to this section: /opt directory privileges

Note: The SDK used is Ridgerun's SDK (OMAPL138 Evaluation SDK), you can download Ridgerun download center


1.Install SDK for OMAPL138


2. If computer has multiple users installation might fail with the following message Error in action UnpackStoreFile: couldn't open "/tmp/License.txt": permission denied. Remove License.txt by typing

  #sudo rm /tmp/License.txt

3. Go to created directory and type

  #make config

4. This will list the dependencies that you have installed and not installed in your computer. Install the missing ones by typing

  #sudo apt-get install dependencies_name

5. When all dependencies are installed you will enter RidgeRun SDK Configuration. Leave default settings and choose exit.

6. Besides these dependencies other applications are required. Install the following list of packages.

  * build-essential
  * libtool
  * automake
  * gawk
  * bison
  * libncurses5-dev
  * binfmt-support 
  * mono-runtime
  * flex
  * curl
  * zlib1g-dev
  * libacl1-dev  
  * libzo-dev
  * mtd-tools
  * mtd-utils
  * subversion


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