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Collecting tablet diagnosticsDIGImendEvdev-dump
Evdev patches
Huion 580Huion H610Huion K26
Huion K58Huion W58KYE
KYE EasyPen 340KYE EasyPen M406KYE EasyPen M406W
KYE EasyPen M506KYE EasyPen M610XKYE EasyPen i405X
KYE MousePen M508WXKYE MousePen M508XKYE MousePen i608X
KYE PenSketch M912Kernel packagesKernel patches
Lines per inchLooking for developers
Pressure levelsRebranded tablets
Reports per secondTablet setup in AlchemyTablet setup in Blender
Tablet setup in GIMPTablet setup in GTK based applications (Gimp, MyPaint)
Tablet setup in InkscapeTablet setup in KritaTablet setup in MyPaint
Tablet setup in Synfig StudioTablet setup in WineTablet setup with WizardPen
Tablet setup with xf86-input-evdevTablet setup with xf86-input-wacomTablet support status
UC-LogicUC-Logic Tablet PF1209
UC-Logic Tablet TWHA60UC-Logic Tablet WP1062UC-Logic Tablet WP1700U
UC-Logic Tablet WP4030UUC-Logic Tablet WP5540UUC-Logic Tablet WP8060U
UC-Logic Wireless Tablet TWHL850Usbhid-dumpWaltop
Waltop Media Tablet 10.6"Waltop Media Tablet 14.1"Waltop PID 0038
Waltop PID 0052Waltop Q PadWaltop Sirius Battery Free Tablet
Waltop Slim Tablet 12.1"Waltop Slim Tablet 5.8"Waltop Venus S Tablet

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