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From delta3d

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Developer Release 2.7.3 (r8665)

For all changes, see the ChangeLog.


  • Delta3D
    • Now compiles with with OSG 3.x.
    • Now compiles with Visual Studio 2010.
    • Removed some quite old, previously deprecated API.
  • dtDirector
    • Now has the ability to import an existing script into the currently edited script.
    • Editor now has proper tabs to view multiple scripts at once.
    • Editor now has a alt-drag feature which duplicates the currently selected nodes.

Removed API

  • CalHardwareModel* dtAnim::Cal3DModelWrapper::GetOrCreateCalHardwareModel()
    • Use CalHardwareModel* dtAnim::Cal3DModelData::GetOrCreateCalHardwareModel()
  • dtUtil::Exception::mType and dtUtil::Enumeration& dtUtil::Exception::TypeEnum()
    • New exceptions should simply inherit from dtUtil::Exception and users should catch that specific Exception
  • void dtCore::NamedResourceParamater::SetValue(const dtCore::ResourceDescriptor*)
    • Use void dtCore::NamedResourceParamater::SetValue(const dtCore::ResourceDescriptor&)
  • void dtCore::ResourceActorProperty::SetValue(const dtCore::ResourceDescriptor*)
    • Use void dtCore::ResourceActorProperty::SetValue(const dtCore::ResourceDescriptor&)
  • void dtCore::SetDataFilePathList(const std::string& pathList)
    • Use void dtUtil::SetDataFilePathList(const std::string& pathList)
  • std::string dtCore::GetDataFilePathList()
    • Use std::string dtUtil::GetDataFilePathList()
  • std::string dtCore::GetDeltaRootPath()
    • Use std::string dtUtil::GetDeltaRootPath()
  • std::string dtCore::GetEnvironment(const std::string& env)
    • Use std::string dtUtil::GetEnvironment(const std::string& env)
  • bool dtCore::IsEnvironment(const std::string& env)
    • Use bool dtUtil::IsEnvironment(const std::string& env)
  • void dtCore::SetEnvironment(const std::string& name, const std::string& value)
    • Use void dtUtil::SetEnvironment(const std::string& name, const std::string& value)
  • std::string dtCore::FindFileInPathList(const std::string& fileName)
    • Use std::string dtUtil::FindFileInPathList(const std::string& fileName)
  • float dtCore::Scene::GetHeightOfTerrain(float x, float y)
    • Use bool dtCore::Scene::GetHeightOfTerrain(float& heightOfTerrain, float x, float y, float maxZ = 10000.f, float minZ = -10000)


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