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2.5.0 (r7448)

The more important changes are listed below. For all changes, see the ChangeLog (big!).

(r6302 - r7357, 7358-7365, 7368-7376, 7378-7383, 7385-7386, 7388, 7391, 7400-7401, 7407, 7414)


  • dtUtil::Exception no longer uses a dtUtil::Enumeration to describe the exception. Concrete Exception derivatives are now preferred.
  • dtGUI::CEUIDrawable and dtGUI::HUD. dtGUI::GUI is now preferred.
  • FindFileInPathList(), SetDataFilePathList(), GetDeltaDataPathList(), GetDeltaRootPath() moved from dtCore (<dtCore/globals.h>) to dtUtil (<dtUtil/datapathutils.h>)
  • dtGame::MessageType(). See the 2.4.0 to 2.5.0 on how to upgrade.
  • dtGUI::CEUIDrawable is deprecated for dtGUI::GUI. See the 2.4.0 to 2.5.0 on how to upgrade.
  • < insert deprecated API here >
  • ...


  • r6306 - dtActors: Fence actor segments can now be shaped; actor segment joints are now stitched together; Fence actor segments are now capped.
  • r6308 - dtActors: Prefabs now contain any actor libraries needed to populate the prefab. Whenever any prefab is used that contains new actor libraries not referenced in the current map, those libraries are automatically added.
  • r6333 Added ability to render dtAnim characters in multiple contexts (thanks for your help david)! Fixed potential problems with using 16 bit indices with characters.
  • r6338 Made actor components property containers and made the game actor retrieve the properties. This is step one. The next step is to make the game actor store the component properties under an array of property containers property.
  • r6347 Added a callback property to animatable to allow other objects to be notified when an animatable is finished animating.
  • r6350 STAGE: Created a plugin that will enable an RTS Camera Motion Model. Created an RTS Camera Motion Model. Set some STAGE classes to export to their DLL's to allow plugin access. The camera mouse sensitivity is now a multiplier instead of divisor. All viewports can now use their own mouse sensitivities. Fixed some bugs with viewports not updating their views when the mouse is clearly clicking on it.
  • r6353 dtCore: Added a flag to the ButtonsToButton input device that will allow you to specify whether you want both, single, or any button combination.
  • r6356 Added method to get the list of Parameters from a Message (user submitted).
  • r6360 STAGE: You can now translate the RTS camera using the middle mouse button.
  • r6364 STAGE: Using the mouse wheel to zoom the camera will now update attached actors when shift is held. Fixed rotation bug with actors attached to camera.
  • r6365 dtAnim hardware mode will now stop rendering the character at the maximum distance defined in the character's .xml file (defaults to 1000). Also did a little code refactoring to clean things up.
  • r6366 Added the ability to asynchronous load cal3d models. Some load order shuffling was required to make this happen. Currently, hardware data is created even if not used. Future revisions will be necessary to eliminate this.
  • r6382 Added the ability for STAGE to store and display the last 5 previously used Project Contexts. Allows for easy switching between often used projects. Performed a pretty heavy refactor of the project/map loading in STAGE to get this working correctly. Quirky behavior may ensue.
  • r6388 STAGE: Actor search window is now properly refreshed every time a new map is loaded or an actor has been created.
  • r6391 Updated the stats display to include OSG information from the Camera and the Viewer (user submitted).
  • r6393 STAGE: Added a new "STAGE Help…" option in the "Help" menu. Help is now a Qt Assistant box. Removed the Shortcuts tab from the STAGE About dialogue. Camera rotation speed is no longer affected by the mouse sensitivity.
  • < insert new features here >
  • ...


  • r6309 Fixed dtAI::DeltaAIInterface::LoadLegacyWaypointFile() so that waypoints that are on no edges are still included.
  • r6310 Fixed a bug that would cause dtGUI to sporadically crash. (user submitted, Mantis#90)
  • r6311 Fixed an issue with the fly motion model where it would gradually drift because it set the transform every frame even if it really shouldn't have changed anything. I added some code to keep it from resetting the roll every frame by giving it a 1 degree error margin. If the camera is attached to something that rolls a lot, it could still make the relative position drift, but still not as bad as doing nothing.
  • r6331 STAGE: Fixed bug where Volume Brush could be deleted and never restored.
  • r6336 Fixed issues with disconnecting and reconnecting to the network. The networking component base class now properly shuts down gne only when it's the last existing networking component. It also sets the gne initialized flag properly allows disconnecting without shutting down GNE so that reconnection is possible.
  • r6340 Fixed as crash bug in the finite state machine.
  • r6349 Fixed a potential crash when rendering dtAnim in Hardware mode with multiple threads.
  • r6357 Fixed a STAGE bug that would prevent ground clamping of Actors that are rending with BillBoardIcons. (user submitted)
  • r6362 Fixed a problem with dtNetGM that could prevent the Server from sending NETCLIENT_NOTIFY_DISCONNECT messages to other connected clients.
  • r6374 Fixed a problem that would cause all rendered lines in STAGE to be thick, if the BezierController rendering is enabled (user submitted)
  • r6385 STAGE: Fixed bug with delete button sometimes causing the viewport to become un-responsive.
  • r6389 Fixed problem that could occur when an ActorComponent adds another ActorComponent during OnAddedToActor(). (user submitted)
  • r6390 Fixed a bug that would result in ActorComponentBase::GetAllComponents() not returning any ActorComponents. (user submitted)
  • r6401 Fixed a problem that would cause the GameManager to trigger an exception, should a ProjectContext be opened as read-only. Now clearing any backup Map files from a read-only context will not throw an exception.
  • r6425 Fixed a potential crash that could occur in the GameManager if an invokable is unregistered during an invoked method. (Mantis 0000096)
  • < insert bug fixes here >
  • ...
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