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Delta3D Extras Wiki

A safe home for projects related to Delta3D, but not necessarily maintained by the Delta3D Development Team


Click here to browse all the projects in SVN

  • DtBSP - Project extracted from Delta3D used to generate binary separating planes
  • DtChar - Project extracted from Delta3D used to render animated characters using ReplicantBody
  • DtGauge - Delta3D wrapper around osgGauge used to render dynamic, rotating gauges
  • DtHLA - Project extracted from Delta3D used to send/receive HLA. Superseded by dtHLAGM
  • DtInputDI - Uses DirectInput to read from input devices
  • DtVRPN - Uses the Virtual Reality Peripheral Network to read from input devices
  • ExtDep - Houses the precompiled Delta3D external dependencies
  • Shadow Example - Old example of rendering high-fidelity dynamic shadows
  • SimCore - The Simulation Core Library and tools
  • VehicleDriverDemo - A physics based vehicle dynamics demo
  • DtEntity - A gameplay system on top of Delta3D complete with editor, map system and various other stuff
  • DtScript - JavaScript wrapper for the dtGame level of Delta3D
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