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What is thebridge?

Thebridge is an EchoLink compatible conference bridge that runs under FreeBSD, Linux, QNX, Mac OS X, Windows and hopefully most other Posix compatible operating systems. Thebridge is also used as an protocol converter by the EchoIRLP project to add EchoLink connectivity to an IRLP node. With the addition of special scripts and permission of the IRLP system operators thebridge can also function as an IRLP reflector.

If you've never hear of EchoLink then this software probably won't make much sense to you. See: the Echolink web site and then if you are still interested continue here.

The EchoLink system, and by extension this software are for Ham radio operators. Unfortunately unlike "real" Ham Radio SWLs (short wave listeners) are not welcomed so if you're not already a licensed ham it is unlikely that you will find much of value here, sorry.

Who is thebridge for?

Thebridge is primarily for those that want to operate a conference room capable of serving more connections than is practical with the standard EchoLink Windows client from a home Internet connection. Thebridge is not an EchoLink client, and you may not use one on the same IP address. If you are looking for an open source EchoLink client you might want to take a look at thebridge's sister project called thelinkbox.

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