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Important Note

Copymark is no longer being developed or supported. It has some flaws that could result in inaccurate data. These flaws have been addressed in copymark2, which you can find on google code: https://code.google.com/p/copymark2/wiki/Copymark2

One of the major problems in Copymark is that it uses the end of Windows' SHFileOperation function call as a signal that file transfers are complete. However, this is a false assumption and can lead to overlapping file transfers.


A typical plot generated by Copymark.

Copymark is a simulation of real world file transfer performance. It generates files and then transfers them using the Windows Shell or Finder in OS X. It outputs performance results to .csv and has a built-in plotting feature.

This benchmark is not intended to replace existing benchmarks such as IOMeter or Quickbench. This tool exists to measure file transfer performance, and is merely a supplement to other benchmarks.

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