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Welcome to the Construct Wiki,
for help and information on Construct.
There are currently 142 articles.

Recent Articles

Recently added detailed articles:

Learn Construct

Try out Getting started and Tutorials to get going with Construct.
Interface Interface overview - Ribbon - Properties Bar - Project Bar - Layers Bar - Animator Bar - Resources Bar - Keyboard shortcuts
Editors Events - Layout Editor - Event Sheet Editor - Script Editor - Picture Editor
Concepts Objects - Plugins - Applications - Layouts - Layers - Effects - Families - Behaviors - Attributes - Containers - Events - Event Sheets
Features Runtimes - Python Scripting - Motion Blur
Reference System Object - Sprite Object - Object List - Behavior List - SDK - Community Plugins

Articles that need expanding

The following articles need expansion to become more helpful.

Featured article

Time Scaling

Time scaling is a feature in Construct that allows you to change how quickly time is passing in the game universe relative to the real world. It allows for slow-motion effects, effective pausing, and even fast-motion effects.

Use the system action 'Set timescale' to set the time scale. A value of 1.0 corresponds to normal time. A value of 0.5 means time in the game passes at half the normal rate...


The Wiki is a community-developed documentation project. We need your help to write great documentation for Construct! It's an easy and quick way to get involved with the project. Updates and discussion about the Wiki can be found on the documentation forum on the Scirra forums.

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