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Hello and welcome to the BUG, BAT, BULL and BUFFY information wiki. We hope that we have captured all the information (and more) that you have ever wanted to know about these mods in this wiki. If you think that we are light on in any particular section, you can go take a running jump off a tall building somewhere. Ok, more seriously, surf on over to our thread at CFC and let us know.

Now, to get you started, here is some information on BUG, BAT, BULL and BUFFY.

We'll be trying to keep the structure and layout of the wiki consistent so that you know where to look for your information. The navigation to the right has been divided into sections and will (hopefully) make sense.


General Overview of Mod

the most important item (download)

when things go wrong (support)

I want to change this (Modders' Corner)

We Rock (boring admin stuff)

Eye Candy

One of the big attractions of our mod is that it has overhauled some of the ugly, cumbersome Civ4 screens. You can find screenshots of those soon all around the wiki.

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