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Welcome to the CAPMessage project.

CAPMessage is a chat client that is secure, guaranteed, and logged. This is made for a very specific use. If it doesn't fit the needs of other situations, we suggest that you try another product.

CAPMessage stands for Confirmed and Authenticated Program for Messages.

Project Page: [1]



  • Status: Development
  • Current Version: N/A
  • Next Version: 0.1
  • Next Release Date: 1Q 2011


The goals of this project are to create a program, CAPMessage, with the following features:

  • A peer-to-peer architecture that allows users to set up two or more clients on Windows XP computers and not worry about setup or maintenance.
  • Let one user send a text message to another user or a group of users.
  • Confirm that every message is delivered.
  • Authenticate all users.
  • Log everything sent and received.

Intended Use

The program is meant to be used in an emergency services Incident Command Post (ICP). In this environment, a number of Command Staff and General Staff members will be communicating with each other, with their direct reports, and with other agencies.

A Communications Unit would be established to facilitate this communication. Traditional radio communications help somewhat, but sometimes radio output becomes noise, and message runners get in the way. CAPMessage is designed to excel in the role of communications tool in the ICP.

Here are some Use Cases.

Project Logo

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