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Welcome to BrikWars for PC!

This is the home page for a free, open-source computer game for Windows (released under the GPL Licence) based on the BrikWars wargame (www.brikwars.com).

Download & Installation

To install the game:

  1. Download and install .Net 3.5 runtime and XNA 3.0 runtime
  2. Click here to download the game
  3. Unzip the package using your favourite unzip tool
  4. Run brikwars.exe to play the game.
  5. Click here for the User Guide.

Please also go here to submit a bug report (please check for duplicates first)

Current Status

You can currently download a fully playable game, although it's early in it's development. Full source code is also available under GPL if you are interesting in working with us to extend the game.


  • Turn-based strategy game, with battles based on the BrikWars rules
  • Army editor that lets you create your own armies with different completely customisable unit models, stats and weapons
- Create custom units from different body parts
- Create custom vehicles and other machines from LDraw models
  • Scenario editor that lets you create your own battlefield
  • Play single-player skirmishes against the computer
  • Play multi-player skirmishes against up to 3 other players across a LAN.


Windows XP or Vista 32-bit
DirectX 9 compatible graphics card that supports Shader Model 2.0.
.Net 3.5 and XNA 3.0 runtime components also need to be installed before you can play the game.

Installation Problems

If you are having a problem during installation of .Net/XNA runtime, try the following:

  • Try to manually uninstall older versions of .Net 2.x. The new .Net 3.5 installation will try to upgrade them, and fail if they cannot be uninstalled.
  • Try turning on Automatic Updates in Windows. This is recommended by Microsoft when upgrading .Net.

General Help

Please post on our forums if you have any other questions: BrikWars Forums


In addition to the BrikWars ruleset, available at www.brikwars.com, BrikWars uses the open-source LXDNA and Lidgren libraries and 3d models from LDraw.org.

Hope you enjoy the game!

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