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The Amethyst Network Library is a high-level, Java network library that can be easily used in any application requiring TCP communication. It is a client-server based library, however, through well designed features it is possible to use the existing objects to create different architectures, e.g. Peer-to-Peer.

  Getting Started

The Amethyst Java Network Library can be used in a number of ways:

Application Framework - Find out how the Amethyst Network Library fits into the application framework

JAR File - This method includes the Amethyst Java Network Library as a stand-alone JAR file to be packaged with your distribution.

Source Include - This method includes the source of the Amethyst Java Network Library within your Java application.


Download the Amethyst Java Network Library

Image:Download.pngVersion 0.1.2 - Release version

Image:Download.pngSVN Instructions - Source Code



Documentation is available in the following methods:

Javadoc - The description of the Amethyst Java Network Library API as well as a complete list of all classes, methods and constructors

Tutorials - The tutorials show step-by-step how to use the Amethyst Java Network Library to build a simple chat client and server


  Getting Help

Help and support is available from the following sources:

Forums - The Amethyst Java Network Library forums allow you to ask questions, discuss features and contribute to the development of the library

Bug Tracker - The bug tracker is great for logging tickets to resolve faulty issues. Use this feature together with the forums to get optimum results

Portal Main Page (Home)
Getting Started Jar File - Source Include - Application Framework
Documentation Javadoc - Tutorials
Getting Help Forums - Bugtracker
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